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 ​​​​​​​Nov 13, 2019

 Water level                  187.88 msl
 Water clarity                Stain
 Water temperature      Low 50's

The cold fronts and barometer changes are effecting the bite in a big way. Patience is the answer to generating a bite. Work an area where you have been catching fish. As the water continues to cool, work out to the closest drop. The fish are not going to travel very far. Swimming jigs worked very slow and repeatedly in the same area will do the trick. Texas rigged red shad worms are a good color in the stained water. Suspended twitch lures are still getting a bite. The top water bite over the cover is still a good bet when the sun gets higher.

Shell crackers are still on the flats , wigglers are the trick here but the bits has slowed with the cooler water. They get a little more active as the sun gets up.

Crappie are getting more active as the water cools down, brush piles are getting better.

Catfish are still doing good on jugs in the creeks baited with cut bait, make your lines a little longer while the water is cold. 

Weekends are good now as most hunters are in the woods and the lake is wide open. You can get in an early trip and still be home I time to watch your favorite collage team play.

Getting your kid’s and grandkid’s in the outdoors and share what God has given us to enjoy will make for some great conversations as your family gathers  together in the future.

Visit www.alabamachildrensclassic.org, get signed up for our news letter. The changes for the 2020 tournament will be announced in the next few days, you do not want to miss this exciting announcement. We still need volunteers and business support for Scott Woodruff and his journey for his heart transplant. You can contact Capt. Sam Williams at 334-355-5057 for information about the National Transplant Foundation and how you can help our local hero.  

God Bless & Good Fishn'

 Capt. Sam Williams