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 ​​​​​​​December 6, 2017

 Water level                  187.61 msl
 Water clarity                Stained
 Water temperature      60's

The winter patterns are beginning to set in, the hydrilla is disappearing and the fish are concentrating more on the deeper structure, natural and man made. Sonar units are the trick now in locating both cover and fish.
Bass are hitting slower moving baits around the cover. Shore bites are still possible early and late, mostly smaller fish.
Crappie are doing good in 10 to 20 feet on the trash piles. Minnow tipped jigs are the deal. Some are trolling the drops in the creeks with some success. As they drop the water in anticipation of rain, the fish tend to scatter more.
Keep an eye on the weather patterns and be safe. With more folks in the deer stands, the lake is wide open from now 'till February.  Be safe and enjoy God's great outdoors, spend time outdoors with the kid's during Christmas vacation.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

God Bless & Good Fishn'

 Capt. Sam Williams